Beautiful Pangasinan province surprised us with a very spectacular Bolinao sunset, landmarks, Alaminos’ Hundred Islands, and Dasol’s amazing Colibra Island crustal-clear waters and white sand. I truly wished we could’ve explored more islands like Potipot Island but time was not on our side as we had to get back to the city. Anyways, we planned this at least a month in advance but things didn’t fall our way as expected but we still had a grand time!!!

The people of Pangasinan are a hardy lot, and everyone was so good and kind to us during our short stay.

So we’ve selected a few pictures to show you of our trip. Hope you like these.

The Bolinao Lighthouse is famous
And is due for an upgrade
Just came from Enchanted Cave, couldn’t take pics inside because of poor lighting but the cave had a pool inside it.
Bolinao Falls 2, so called because it has, as you can see, 2 waterfalls.
Same thing here.
From a bit further out, there were a lot of frolickers during Holy Week here at Bolinao Falls 1,2,3
Centuries-old and made from crushed corals St James Parish interiors getting refurbished.
Patar Beach rock formations make for some interesting shots.
Crashing waves
The rocks were and are very sharp
A giant clam was washed ashore many, many years ago.
A natural pool in Patar Beach.
Spectacular sunset @Bolinao
From Bolinao, we made our way to Alaminos, checked in at Najeras Transient Inn (with a really nice and clean ACU room with private bath), just a stone’s throw away from Lucap Wharf, jump-off point to the world-famous Hundred Islands
We scored ourselves a boat 🙂
Touchdown traffic 😀
The beaches on these islands were very clean in spite of the presence of a lot of people.
With great views
and more great views
What a sight
Island life
A lot of people make pilgrimages here.
After our Hundred Island trip, we spent the night in Alaminos. The day after, we made our way to Dasol, and rode a tricycle to Tambobong Beach, the jump-off point to Colibra Island, or as the locals call it, Snake Island. Colibra Island-a hard place to get to but so worth it.
The waters here are so ridiculously clear and has 3 colors
The island’s sand shifts to the other side of the island during the monsoon rains.
We had it to ourselves that beautiful day.
This was where I frolicked 😀
Great place for pics and meditation.
Island life is the best life
That’s Zambales in the distance
The seas were calm.
The sun was hot.
The waters beckoned.
Treasure this place.

Pangasinan has so much to offer and I truly believe we haven’t even scratched the surface of this paradise.

As always, to D.I.Yers out there, here’s the actual itinerary with expenses incurred for two (2) people. Remember, always plan ahead.

11:40 PM DEPART FOR BOLINAO via Victory Liner
Victory Liner Bus to Bolinao           918.00 P459 each
Breakfast           200.00
Tricycle to  Resort           150.00 75.00 each
1 day 1 night (Jewel Beach Resort)        1,500.00 Aircon room
BOLINAO, PANGASINAN LAND TOUR (Tricycle)           800.00
Cape Bolinao Lighthouse              40.00 Entrance
Enchanted Cave           200.00 P100 Entrance
Bolinao Falls 1, 2, & 3              80.00 P20 per pax
St. James Church
LUNCH at ADORA’S           500.00
Miscellaneous           200.00 Water/Meryenda
Patar White Beach           200.00 Entrance
Patar Rock Formations           200.00 Entrance
Bought Patar Beach Tshirt / Souvenirs           250.00
DINNER           500.00
Breakfast / checkout from Jewel Beach Resort           200.00
Tricy to Bus Terminal           100.00 50.00 each
Bus to Alaminos           100.00 50.00 each
Tricycle to Lucap Wharf           100.00 50.00 each
Check-in @Najeras Inn        1,600.00
Buy Lunch @Gaudencio’s Café  / Water / Ice           500.00
Hundred Islands Tourist Welcome Center
* Register
* Pay day-trip entrance fee               40.00 20.00 each
* Fill-up the Passenger Manifest
Boat to tour: Hundred Islands National Park         1,400.00
Marcos Island
Governor’s Island
Quezon Island
Lopez Island
Children’s Island
Cuenco cave
Return to Lucap Wharf 4:00
Meryenda           200.00
Back to Najeras           100.00 50.00 each
Dinner @Marina’s Café           500.00
Socials           400.00
Day 3 APRIL 10, 2018 TUESDAY
Breakfast           200.00
Bus to Dasol           100.00 P50.00 each
Tricycle to Tambobong Beach           500.00 (21 kms. away)
Start of Island Hop 9:30am        1,000.00
Boat ride to Colibra Island 
Return from Colibra Island 1:30pm
Tricycle back to Dasol           500.00
Jeep to Alaminos              96.00 P48.00 each
Lunch@McDonald’s Alaminos           350.00
Victory Liner Bus to Manila 3pm departure           918.00 P459 each 
Taxi to San Juan           200.00
GRAND TOTAL      14,842.00

Be kind to one another. Always.

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