It was a calculated risk. June 12, 2018 was a holiday, a Tuesday at that. I immediately filed for a paid Leave of Absence for that Monday June 11, 2018 and it was approved. My thoughts turned quickly to an island off Mauban, Quezon. Cagbalete Island, with its famous sandbar, calm then wild waters and the oft-spoken of serenity that can be found on this island.

So here are a few of the pics taken during our trip there and here’s hoping you can appreciate the island even more.

So this is the view from our accommodations (MVT Sto. Nino). This part of Cagbalete Island is the most peaceful and tranquil (save for those karaoke music from quite the distance but you can hear them hahaha). When its low tide, the waters recede for miles on end.
When I’m lazing around the shore, this is what I see. This was taken @dawn.
Lying here alone, I’m dreaming, my mind keeps wan’drin’.
Off we go to Yang In sandbar. What’s really puzzling is the water’s real calm at this side of the island but on the way to the sandbar it was crazy rough.
And we made it

The sandbar is about more than 500 meters fr the main shore and its real cool to experience it.
The sandbar is very popular, as you can see.
A lot of us came here today.
You can walk a hundred feet more and the water will still be knee high.
But I’m not gonna risk it 😀
It’s like a salt bed because the sand is hard.
The sand mimics the waves movements.
When we were there, a pool formed inside a pool.
You literally would have to carry a boat to deeper waters.
Nice picture.
That hut right there was selling sodas and pansit bato (which was delish).
And we arrived at…what planet is this? Oh it’s Bonsai Island, visible only during low tide.
The landscape was alien-like.
It was fantastic just seeing and being on it.
Our Boatman.
An alien landscape, indeed.

So there you have it.

A word of advice to those who wanna do DIY to Cagbalete Island: provisions there are very limited. Buy food that you can cook in Mauban, and pay your resort for cooking utensils / LPG / grill, etc. They charge very minimal for it. As usual, below is an actual itinerary with expenses incurred for two (2) people.

Hope this helps ‘ya’ll 🙂

Taxi to JAC Liner Cubao           150.00
DEPART for LUCENA via JAC Liner            454.00
Arrive @ Lucena Grand Central
Van to MAUBAN           150.00
Buy Food @Public Market           978.00
Breakfast           200.00
Tricy to Port           100.00
Environment Fee           100.00
Public boat to Cagbalete           150.00
Check – in @MVT Sto. Nino        2,200.00
Habal-Habal to resort           160.00
Lunch (Paluto)           200.00
Dinner (Paluto)           200.00
DAY 2 JUNE 10, 2018 SUNDAY
Breakfast (Paluto)           200.00
Yang-in Sandbar        1,500.00
Bonsai Island
Lunch (Paluto)           150.00
Dinner (Paluto)           200.00
DAY 3 JUNE 11, 2018 MONDAY
Public Boat to Mauban           150.00
Breakfast @Renato’s           200.00
-Museo ng Mauban              50.00
Lunch           500.00
Van to Lucena Grand Terminal           100.00
Bus to Cubao           454.00
Taxi to San Juan           150.00
GRAND TOTAL        8,696.00

Be kind to one another. Always.

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