Dinadiawan 3Days 2Nights August 24-26, 2019

So there was this upcoming long weekend coinciding with the birthday of my daughter and she decided to spend it somewhere less crowded and less polluted. We’ve been reading rave reviews about a place 5-6 hrs from Manila just about 45minutes from Baler. A place called Dinadiawan in Dipaculao, Aurora to be exact. It didn’t hurt that the reviews said that for less than P10k, you can have beachfront accomodation, seafood, and peace and quiet.

But what really had me worried about this trip was the weather, as a typhoon just passed by Casiguran (well, technically it was 800 kms. off the coast of Casiguran but it did bring rains). We decided to go for it.

Before setting out, we booked a non-ACU small hut / wooden house for P1k a night @Pacific Villa and Ms Evita (owner of the place) was very helpful with our text inquiries. She told us that we needed to do marketing of food for our 2-day stay, and we could rent cooking (LPG and small stove included)/ eating utensils for P500 for the whole duration of our stay.


First off, we tried to book a bus to Baler by being chance passengers via Genesis Bus Line in Cubao but those in – charge were not very helpful. They could’nt even tell us with certainty if we could get on a bus to Baler @11pm that August 23 Friday night! They didn’t even list our names down as chance passengers! Someone offered us a van ride all the way to Baler for P600 (which we thought was a good deal) but we thought it kinda sketchy as we were told that we’d wait for another group of 10 to arrive at around 10pm.

So we decided to inquire at ES Transit just beside Genesis if they had buses that go directly to Baler. We were advised by their very friendly personnel to take the 3-hr Cabanatuan route, then take either a van or another AC bus to Casiguran, which we were assured, was aplenty once we get to Cabanatuan.

Needless to say, we took this route. Fare to Cabanatuan was P220 each (the bus was nice and clean and had chargers for CPs and it was less than 3hrs because of less traffic) and true enough when we got there, ACU vans to Casiguran were waiting. Fare was P300 each and the trip was about 2-3 hrs tops. We left Manila via ES Transit at around 8:30 pm, boarded a van to Casiguran by 11:30 pm and arrived at Pacific Villa close to 4:00 am in the morning of August 24, 2019. It was a long and lonely trip from Cabanatuan to Casiguran simply because it was dark and raining a bit. But we got there pretty much safe and sound.


We knocked at the caretaker’s house and caretaker Jojo welcomed us (we actually woke him up but he was kind enough to lead us to our accomodation and set it up). Jojo stated that he’ll be providing us with our cooking/eating utensils at about 8:00 am, and that if we wanted to, we could just ask him to take us to the marketplace via his tricycle and we could store what we bought at their refrigerators.

My daughter and I took to the beds (clean sheets and cold weather) and had about 3 hrs of much-needed shut-eye after a long trip.

Little did we know that Dinadiawan was going to show off its beautiful sunrise that morning.

Simple accommodations / give me a hammock-by- the- sea anytime and I’m good


Dinadiawan dazzled us with her sunrise
Witness nature at play
She set the sky on fire
mid-morning view after taking a dip in the sea and walking barefoot in her white sand
Rock-strewn shores made by the sea. By early afternoon, these rocks disappear back into the ocean, literally lapped back by the sea a few meters from the shore.
Couldn’t pass up the chance to make a wish
We were the only ones there, and we had it to ourselves that morning.
Selfie at dawn


So like Jojo said, I asked him to take me to the marketplace and I was amazed how affordable seafood was. I bought hipon for about P120.00 only, liempo for P70.00, chicken for about P80 and ingredients for sinigang / adobo (for dinner).

Seasoned with salt and pepper, nothing too fancy
The sinigang na hipon was a success
Hot mid-day sun
Slept the whole afternoon


I prepped a can’t-go-wrong chicken pork adobo for a 6pm dinner


Just before it got dark
Looking at the sea before it disappears into the night
Now we turn on the lights
View from our hut
No Tiger beer here just same old reliable SMB Light for my nightcap


Look at that
No two sunrises are ever the same
Mornings in the beach are simply magical
Rise and shine
Tocilog lunch with freshly grilled tuna

We swam in Dinadiawan’s waters in the morning and she swept me around hahaha ‘man, her waters are rough at this time of the year but refreshing still, really.

Selfie before I cook dinner
Success again! This time it;s pork sinigang hahahaha


It is simply spectacular
How small we are in the grand scheme of things

Dinadiawan in Dipaculao, Aurora might not appeal to those who seek more glamorous vacation spots but Dinadiawan is a nature lover’s dream destination. As the pics show, it exudes a quiet and peaceful vibe, away from the stresses of living in the city and engaging in the proverbial everyday rat-race.

Fresh sea breeze, calm morning waters great for swimming, white sand at your feet, just listen to the waves crash the shore, and be amazed at how the light and colors change from the break of dawn to the rising of the sun.

It is simply a spectacular sight to behold. It’s like watching the Creator paint the sky, and you’ve got a front row seat to it.

I will come back to you one day.

You’ve left me wanting for so much more, and for that alone, I miss you already.

hate to leave but have to go back

As usual, for DIYers, below is a summary of expenses for two (2) people. Till next time.

Sashamae/Spikymae allowance (our dogs!!!) 500.00 
Grab! San Juan to Cubao (Genesis Bus Terminal) 150.00 
Dinner 300.00 
Cubao to Cabanatuan (P220 each) 440.00 
Cabanatuan to Dinadiawan (P300 each) 600.00 
Check in @ Pacific Villa 2,000.00 
(2 DAYS for 2 PAX)
Beach Bumming
Lunch  500.00 
Beach Bumming
Dinner 500.00 
Breakfast 100.00 
Lunch  500.00 
Dinner 350.00 
Checkout from Pacific Villa
Dinadiawan to Baler (via Jojo’s tricy) 600.00 
Harvest Peanut Butter / other souvenirs 450.00 
Lunch @Chowking Baler 500.00 
Baler to Cubao (Van) 1,200.00 
Dinner 500.00 
Grab! Cubao to San Juan 300.00 


Just collected all pics from our Baler trip and sad to say, we weren’t able to get to Dipaculao beach and other sites that are equally if not more spectacular. All I can say is one can really fall in love with this place.

We were fortunate enough to come here minus the Holy Week or vacationing crush of people…I would recommend that you do so because you will get to really appreciate Baler’s beauty, the warmth of its people, the truly rustic feel of Baler is an experience in itself…

Include in your itinerary the 1.3 km uphill / downhill trek to Ditumabo falls (you get to draw your inner strength), see the 600 year-old Balete tree, hike up to Ermita Hills, see the Aniao islets (pick sea urchins), go up to the lighthouse shaped like a plane’s wing, watch the sunrise, surf, swim at either falls, river, or sea, or where the river meets the sea, go kayaking, discover a deserted cove…Baler is really beautiful…thank you, Baler…

So to start off I’d like to share some pictures of our Baler trip, and after these, the actual itinerary and expenses we incurred, and it is hoped that this can be of help to those who would want to D.I.Y. to Baler.

Always, always befriend locals wherever you go and Dennis here was really knowledgeable of the history behind the numerous sightseeing spots in Baler.
A wishing well beside the great 600 year old balete tree.
This is the huge 600 year old balete tree. It is imposing, really, and very much alive and still growing.
On the way to Ditumabo Falls. A 1.3 km uphill trek up the mountain..
The stream along the way turns into a raging river during the monsoon season.
But during the summer, the waters are cool, calm, and refreshing.
Ditumabo Falls
Impossible to stay dry here
The very rickety hanging bridge. There are a lot of souvenir shops under its base.
Ermita Hill
It’s a park with a dark past
and spectacular views
here’s another
and another
The Tromba statues…legend says that a town was feasting when an old woman foretold of a coming tsunami, which was heeded by this family, who went up all the way up Ermita Hill, and later that night, the tsunami came, and everyone perished except these families.
@Aniao Islets
like bullets rising out of the sea
literally the word “jagged” comes to mind when you see these rocks
a beautiful day to be out
Dicasalarin Cove
a spectacular view
In the cove is a river that meets the sea
will you look at that
minus the crush of people…it should always stay this way but…
we had it all to ourselves that one beautiful day
this was where I frolicked in the water
made our way up
higher still
till we got to the lighthouse shaped like a fighter plane’s wing
where I took a, shall I say, nervous selfie hahahaha
Sabang beach
breakfasts of champion surfers
still sleepy
Baler Surfer Grill
the scenery going to Baler town proper
Don’t forget to buy one of these because it’s delicious.
Manuel L. Quezon Museum
Donya Aurora Quezon’s house
On the way home

As promised, here’s the actual itinerary and expenses incurred. Hope this helps you guys.

In the meantime, be kind to one another. Ciao.

Grab! San Juan to JOY BUS Cubao            120.00
Dinner            135.00
JOY BUS Fare to Baler (@P730 PER HEAD)         1,460.00
Subtotal 1      1,715.00
Tricy fare to Jamjen Lodge            100.00
Breakfast @Jamjen Lodge            130.00
Tricy tour (Joel 09262930766 or Dennis)             800.00
Balete Tree              60.00
Bought T-Shirt            150.00
Trek to Ditumabo Falls (Entrance / Guide)            260.00
Lunch @Ditumabo Falls            235.00
Hanging Bridge (Donation)              20.00
Ermita Hill (Entrance)              60.00
Tromba Statue
Diguisit Falls (Donation)              20.00
Dimadimalangat / Aniao Islets (Entrance)            200.00
Meryenda              77.00
6:00 PM onwards
Dinner @Baler Surfer Grill            550.00
Shake            180.00
Subtotal 2      2,842.00
DAY 2 February 20, 2018 MONDAY
Coffee / miscellaneous purchases              70.00
Breakfast            135.00
Tricy Tour (Dennis)             800.00
Disacalarin Cove (Entrance)            600.00
Guide (Laloy)            500.00
Lunch @Yolly’s Inihaw            550.00
Bought Longganizang Baler            280.00
Bought Suman (Baler)            200.00
Bought Tampipi (3) souvenirs            100.00
Bought Pacita’s Peanut Butter (its delicious)            425.00
Settled Jamjen Lodge stay         1,500.00
Subtotal 3      5,160.00
JOY BUS Fare to Manila (@P730 PER HEAD)         1,460.00
Key Chains            210.00
Dinner (Chowking)            342.00
Taxi            100.00
Subtotal 4      2,112.00
TOTAL    11,829.00